50 Rishi Kapoor Quotes That Gives You Goosebumps

  1. I have campaigned only once in the elections, for Vinod Khanna in Gurdaspur, but that was not as a party member but because he is a colleague.
  2. I block the trolls.
  3. I respect religious rules. I am a true God-fearing Hindu.
  4. I don’t think it is wrong when you – when an actor goes and sells his film. I mean, it’s salesmanship; you got to tell the world what you have. You got to tell them, ‘These are my wares; please see how do you like them. If you like to buy them, please buy them.’ There’s nothing wrong in that.
  5. If you want rubbish, you will get rubbish.
  6. My first love is acting, not directing.
  7. I have tried to look different and play different roles through my life because I am passionate about my work.
  8. It was a stroke of luck when I worked in ‘Agneepath.’ It was a great role, something different for me.
  9. My entire family has been part of the film industry for many years.
  10. I don’t know what fun newspapers and magazines derive from interfering in people’s private lives.
  11. The R K banner has had this tradition to make good films, and good films always take a lot of time to complete because of the hassles involved.
  12. Personally, I think that the story is all-important; everything else comes later. But if there’s any other way to ensure the betterment of the film, I always implement it.
  13. There are ups and downs in every relationship. But that does not mean that couples should separate or get down to inhuman behaviour.
  14. It’s my life – acting.
  15. Pransaab was a great character actor. What he has achieved as an actor, I cannot think of achieving even a part of it.
  16. I can barely sit in one place for five minutes.
  17. In acting, the basic tool is observation. Whenever you see something, you store it in your head, and when you come across a character that reminds you of that instance, you incorporate it.
  18. When I did ‘Kapoor & Sons,’ I had a prosthetic look. It would take me six-and-a-half hours daily for 20, 25 days.
  19. The creative mind is restless.
  20. I am waiting for roles like the one in ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa.’
  21. Give me meaty roles, and I’ll sink my teeth into them!
  22. There is no way one can remake ‘Mughal-e-Azam.’ What my grandfather did, we cannot even think of emulating. The film is a legend, and we should leave it at that.
  23. My son was named after my father, whose name was Ranbir Raj Kapoor.
  24. I do not care about the length of my role. But it should make a difference to the story.
  25. In the first 20 years of my acting life, I did not do any acting. All I did was to wear a jersey, dance, lip-sync to songs, and run after girls over mountains and in the snow.
  26. The reality is that some Kapoors did reach the marquee; others did not.
  27. People are fed up of formula films, and we are getting new space to experiment.
  28. It is an advantage to be born in Kapoor family and to be known by that name, but it also a burden because there are lots of expectations from you.
  29. I am no champion, no great name, just a small actor who loves working for cinema.
  30. I am observing that to become an actor, people say, they want to join gym. Why join a gym? Why don’t you join an institute where they teach you how to act?
  31. My image was that of a romantic, soft hero.
  32. I am a natural actor. I try to keep it spontaneous as far as possible. That is my mantra.
  33. I don’t know why all these actors think going to a gym or riding horses or learning how to fight are the steps to becoming an actor.
  34. I always try to be different and play varied kind of characters.
  35. I am not stagnating in one kind of an image.
  36. I will not do a run of the mill kind of a film or role. I will not say yes to that.
  37. I only know how to act. I don’t know anything else.
  38. My head was in the clouds after ‘Bobby,’ but my struggle had only begun because at the age of 21, I had become a hero. But then I had realized that I have to keep my feet on ground.
  39. I have no enmity with anyone.
  40. Every one has right to express his views on any subject, and I am a common man, a tax payer, and part of the society.
  41. Passion for work is very important.
  42. For the first 25 years of my career, I did nothing but sing and dance.
  43. An actor’s journey is never fulfilled. We always look for greener pastures, better roles, better creativity. We all want to do good work.
  44. Though sometimes you hit, sometimes you don’t get the kind of roles you should get, but sometimes you get the role.
  45. No actor has 100 percent track record.
  46. He is absolutely on his own, and we never interfere in any of his decisions. When Ranbir joined the industry, he told his mother that he wanted to portray characters which a boy of his age would do in real life.
  47. I came into films when there was action. When I retired, it was romantic period.
  48. I don’t want to play father roles. And I use father roles figuratively for roles that are just hanging around… don’t want to be a piece of furniture in films.
  49. I am extremely malleable as an actor, but I also know how to get away with doing things the way I want, even if the director disagrees.
  50. I am spontaneous and not a method actor.